Anti Aging Skincare for MEN

For years we’ve been raving about the importance of moisturizers for our skin, to keep them elastic and smooth, and to protect our skin against harmful rays.

Not often though have we seen marketing focusing on this beauty spot for MEN.

Here at Anti Aging Factors we walking the streets to get some feedback from everyday people about why this might be and here’s what they had to say to this question: Do you think that anti aging creams for men are useful?

“Definitely! But you don’t seem them advertised too often do you?…”

“…Hmm, perhaps that’s because women spend more on cosmetics then men”

“No, they don’t seem to care as much as women about their appearances…”


“As a male I thinks its’ important”

“Men don’t spend much time worrying about the signs of aging as much a women do…but I think men should take care of their skin!”

“Nah, what a waste of time…everyone gets old that’s life”

“I would consider using an anti aging cream if it had an SPF in it…”

There were so many mixed messages from our survey that we decided to start running advertising for men anyway, to see what sort of a response we’d receive.

What are your thoughts? Would men like to see more anti aging products advertised specifically for them?