Using a Retinol Serum

Most people understand that Retinol in serum form can visibly reduce the signs of aging spots and lines on your face. Retinol serums’ are known for unclogging the pores and balancing the oily prone skin to a more even tone.

People get into their own habits when applying daily moisturizers or serums to their faces, but did you know that its often best to wait about twenty minutes after showering to apply your Retinol Serum, before bed.

Applying a good sun cream during the day or in the morning is best.

With the use of the Retinol Serum at night, twenty minutes or so, after you’ve showered will ensure that the Retinol Serum will penetrate the skin best during the night and work whilst your asleep to smooth out any fine lines and return the moisture that is lost during the day to your face.

Retinol serums are great for acne prone skin, and whilst they are the main feature in most anti aging skincare products today, young adults with bad acne can benefit from using a good Retinol serum at night time too.