What we want in a cosmetic

What we want in a cosmetic
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Most women that pride themselves on their appearances are focused on having more choice with their daily routines. More choices to purchase products that are going to be light and fresh, and perhaps organic.

Women love a choice, they love to select from a mirage of products when it comes to cosmetics. Makeup for women isn’t just about covering up, its’ about making them look natural and having a something that is long lasting.

It’s no secret the beauty industry sells millions if not billions each and every year in cosmetics, but what is it that women are searching for with a great cosmetic brand?

  • easy to apply
  • easy to blend
  • many shades
  • many tones
  • offers protection SPF
  • is organic/natural and doesn’t animal test
  • is chemical free
  • will stay on longer
  • will enhance our look
  • will look natural on us
  • is long lasting
  • is fragrance free
  • is smooch proof
  • is affordable
  • is easy to obtain

Women may want cosmetics for a whole other set of reason, these were our top sixteen reasons.

What is it that you are looking for in a cosmetic, we continue to gather data from you about this?

Perhaps you will feature in our next post?

Let us know your thoughts?

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